We are Sake experts

In the beginning we were just three Sake-Fans wondering why it was so difficult to get really good Sake in Europe. A few years and many Sake seminars, brewery visits and tasting events later we had gained a clear understanding of the problem: Sake in Europe is either served as low quality, piping hot company to Sushi or – if actually available in premium qualities – is difficult or impossible for the average customer to understand or even relate to; not to mention that premium Sake used to be way too expensive.

Our answer to these issues is Île Four

This western sounding name simply means the 'four islands of Japan' – but this name precisely reflects our program! Our self-appointed task as western Sake experts is to build a bridge between this fantastic and extraordinarily versatile traditional Japanese drink and our modern western life style.
A western brand name and a modern design for the very first time make Sake approachable and recognizable. Île Four is the perfect collection of some of the best Sake available and the ideal introduction to the whole world of Sake. We offer only premium Sake handcrafted with the finest materials – and at rather uncommonly reasonable prices…

Île Four Sake – perfect with food, great for Cocktails.

Enjoy our Sake chilled.

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