500 ml, 12% Vol.
(€ 43.80/litre)


Critically acclaimed! Falstaff 2019: 88 Points!

For many centuries the Ume tree has been a symbol fort he coming spring in both, China and Japan, because it blossoms already at the end of January. Similar to the famous Sakura cherry blossoms, the Ume bloom is celebrated with countless festivals and special ceremonies.

Japanese rarely eat Ume directly – rather the fruit is enjoyed as a pickled «plum» over rice or mixed with Shochu as a traditional plum wine. Our version, however, is made with premium Sake to balance the acidity of the Ume with the soft sweetness of the Sake.

...and German foodie magazine BEEF! (#31, s. 6) "Happy End", describes our UME as: "FOR GOD'S SAKE? Von dem lässt man sich beim Aperitif oder Digestif gern anpflaumen..." (difficult to translate - but they really liked it as an Aperitif!)


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