720 ml, 16% Vol.
(€ 34.03/litre)

Île Four Premium Select 'Junmai Ginjo' Sake is to regular Sake what Malt Whisky is to basic Whisky!

We start by removing 40% of the outer layers to reveal only the pure inner core of the special Sake rice (Akebono). Then we use a slow, highly labor-intensive process to create a very refined pure and clear Sake. With its light, dry and highly refined aroma, Île Four Premium Select counts among the 6-7% top Sake in the world.

With food: Dry, with low acidity and a light body, but also quite complex with good structure, Île Four Premium Select is a perfect pairing for all lighter meat courses, pasta dishes and, of course, all types of fish and seafood. Enjoy lightly chilled like white wine – or try in one of our extraordinary Sake Cocktails!

Tasting Notes

Butter and raisin in the aromas, which are deep, with melon in the recesses. Bit of wood in the depths of the flavor. Moderately viscous and overall dry-ish style with flavors that tie in to the aromas present as well and a more prominent than average acidity that boosts the flavors and aromas. The fruit is lighter at first and heavier in the back of both the flavor and aromas.

– John Gauntner, International Sake expert


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