720 ml, 17.5% Vol.
(€ 49.86/litre)

Silky and Cloudy... Île Four Premium WHITE «Junmai Nigori» Sake is created by not fully filtering out the Rice lees from the Sake moromi brewing mash. Thus, we leave a more distinct rice flavour, complete with rice particles that colour this extremely creamy and outstanding Sake in its namesake «white»!

The taste is a bit «ricey» with melon aromas and a silky mouth feel. The flavor is characterized by «Umami» (the 'fifth' taste - wholesomeness... derived from succinic and glutamic acids that are also found in fish meat and therefore lead to such a perfect match with sushi and other fish dishes) and acidity.


A great Sake to drink with appetizers! 

Serve chilled between 5-10° Celsius in a large wineglass.

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