500 ml, 10.5% Vol.
(€ 43,80/litre)

It's official: Île Four Yuzu is OUTSTANDING!

Critically acclaimed! ÎLE FOUR YUZU won a GOLD medal at the prestigious IWSC (London, 2019)

Other honors: Falstaff 2019: 90 Points; IWSC 2017: Silver OUTSTANDING; London Spirits Show 2018: Silver Medal

The Jury of the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London has awarded a GOLD medal in late July 2019. Precisely the incomparable blend of complex yuzu-citrus aromas and soft premium Sake that turns our Yuzu into the perfect drink for the summer has also convinced the judges:

Rich, bright citrus bursts forth from the glass: unmistakable yuzu with a gentle floral aroma; a great combination of sweetness and tartness. A beautiful product that captures the flavour of yuzu perfectly.


and in 2017 they described Yuzu thus: A bouquet of the floral and citrus character of yuzu on the nose, encapsulating the fruit and luring you into sip. On the palate, there are notes of perfumed citrus blossom, closely followed by tart yuzu juice and a complex mix of lemon, lime, and tangerine notes. A little acidity lingers, but it is balanced out by the liqueur’s sweetness, leaving just a hint of tart freshness on the finish.


The Yuzu citrus fruit has been growing in Japan for more than 1.000 years. Because of its dry pulp and many large seeds the juice can only be extracted in a complicated – i.e., expensive – process from pulp and rind. Fortunately, just a few drops are already enough for a unique and intense flavor. While looking similar to the Pomelo, Yuzu has a unique and complex aroma – Fresh citrus scent and the absence of the astringent acid of the Lemon combine into an inimitable combination of sweet, bitter, salty and sour.

German Trendscout Ralf Bos has dubbed Yuzu an “emotional food” that creates “goose bumps” and a “warm shiver” on your skin! In combination with mild Premium Sake, Yuzu turns into a uniquely refreshing Aperitif: Just pour Île Four Yuzu Sake over lots of crushed ice in a tumbler for a ‘Yuzu Crush’, or add some Champagne for extra fizz! ‘

Of course, the unique flavor profile of our Yuzu Sake also opens up countless ways of combining it with other spirits and ingredients in uniquely innovative Cocktails.


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