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YUZU wins GOLD Medal at 2019 IWSC

YUZU is GOLD ...that is, if we believe the jury of the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), who has just awarded one of the highest honors to Île Four Yuzu! We are extremely proud of receiving this great honor! It is a great validation of the whole reason that we – two Japanophile friends and a Japanese brother in law who just happened to be a Sake-expert – have created ÎLE FOUR (the ‘four islands of Japan’) a few years ago: to popularize Super Premium Sake and beautiful, fruit-based Aperitifs from Japan that were largely unknow in the West! Our ÎLE FOUR YUZU, which just received this Gold medal, is our most favored aperitif, based on the yuzu...

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Things are gonna get creamy - our unfiltered WHITE Sake is out!

Sake is, as we all know, a great and pure product - it is made in a complex brewing process only from rice water yeast and koji, and at the end of that process, the rice lees are carefully filtered out to give you that beautifully clear consistency. But what happens when we don't filter? Then things get really creamy - and yoghurty - and buttery - and generally wild in flavor! Presenting the must try, really different WHITE - our unfiltered premium junmai nigori Sake - find it here!

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